Friday, April 14, 2017


3-31-17 – Jeanice Barcelo interviews Vicki Thorn who is on the front lines of helping women and families recover from abortion. Vicki gives us insight into the intense experiences women can have once they choose abortion and how this decision can negatively influence the outcome of future births. This is due to the trauma of abortion and the reality of traumatic repetition. We also discuss the impact of abortion on men – a topic that is rarely, if ever, addressed but is so important for us to understand. Many men feel they have no choice in whether their children are aborted, and the loss of these children causes deep grief. It’s time we face this fact.

Further into the conversation, we talk about things that can interfere with our choice of romantic partner and discuss why so many people are entering into false unions. The interference comes from things like birth control pills, the use of perfumes and colognes that contain confusing pheromones, infant circumcision (which removes the apocrine glands that produce pheromones), and more.

Other topics of import:

Promiscuity and its Effects
Artificial Reproductive Technologies
Sperm Donation and Surrogacy
Killer Sperm, Sperm Wars and Promiscuity

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