Friday, April 14, 2017


4-6-17 – Jeanice Barcelo interviews Dean Clifford, political activist working on the front lines of transforming our world by taking on “the system” and refusing to back down until the keys to our freedom are in place. Dean has dedicated his life to removing himself from the tentacles of criminal governments while helping others do the same. He has been a political prisoner in Canada for the past 3-4 years and having been recently released, he has hit the ground running. He is once again doing interviews and working with his team to prepare paperwork so that he can begin the creation of “sovereign nations” or communities outside of the jurisdiction of criminal governments. In this interview, we cover a lot of territory including discussing the fact that pregnant women are being bullied into prenatal care and all forms of medical interference during birth -- and if they don't comply, they can be threatened with losing their children. I strongly encourage people to listen. Dean is a very powerful and interesting man and is a model for the strength and integrity that are needed at this time!

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